Jasmine, Grape, Brown Sugar

Jasmine, Grape, Brown Sugar

Item information

La Esperanza Classic

Item information

Huehuetenango, Guatemala


Variety: Caturra

Processing: Washed

Origin: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Producers: Octavio Herrera

Altitude: 1650m

Cup Score (Importer): 87.75

This is another lot of coffee from Octavio Herrera's La Esperanza farm in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Mr. Herrera - or "Otto" as he's known locally - is a giant of the specialty coffee profession in Huehue, with over 25 years of coffee experience and several successful farms under his direction. They focus on lot separation in particular at La Esperanza, which is why we were excited to feature two different coffees from the same farm. Comparing this coffee to Los Cedros can give you an idea of just how different coffees can be depending on their varietals and processing, even if they're from the same farm!

This is a great coffee, a brew that's on the smoother, richer side of things. There's a definite floral quality with aromatics that remind us of jasmine, but a much more potent and juicy red grape flavor, bordering on a comparison to red wine. There's also a great brown sugar sweetness, rich and full with a hint of spiciness that make this coffee one you'll want to sip slowly and savor. It's really wild to think about this coffee in comparison to some of the others from Otto's farms, considering how different they can be - but that's the beauty of specialty coffee! When it's executed well, there's no limit to the variety and quality you can enjoy within each region. Drink up!

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