Dark chocolate, Ripe berries, Almond

Dark chocolate, Ripe berries, Almond

Item information

La Folie

Item information

Antigua, Guatemala


Variety: Caturra, Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Origin: Antigua, Guatemala

Producers: Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora

Altitude: 1500-1600


Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora is the fourth generation of a coffee producing family in Antigua, Guatemala. Around the year 2000, Luis began to transition his holdings from commercial to specialty coffee and micro-lots. This transition allowed Luis to focus on improving community by providing jobs to as many families as possible, as well as supplying the best quality coffee possible to their clients. His family company, Zellcafé, now manages other farms in the region as well as production facilities like wet and dry mills. LPZZ positive reach in the community and on specialty coffee is something we are glad to share with the club. After washing and depulping the coffee from La Folie, the beans are fermented for 14-15 hours before being sent it is sent to the patio for 12-16 days. Tube tests are done in the middle of coffee lots to figure out whether coffee is dry enough to be measured for 11% moisture content.

This is a very satisfying cup–we are tasting dark chocolate, with ripe berries and bit of light florals at the end. Ready, set, brew.

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