La Fuente

Berry, Watermelon, Delicate Florals

Variety: Maragogype

Processing: Washed

Crop Year: 2017

Origin: Jinotega, Nicaragua

Producers: Domingo Vargas

Altitude: 1300-1450m

You're in for a very special treat with this coffee from the La Fuente farm in Nicaragua. Known as one of the best coffee farms in Nicaragua for over 100 years, this particular lot of coffee was grown by Domingo Vargas, who planted an unused section of the farm with rare Maragogype plants. A natural mutation of the Arabica plant, Maragogype beans are sometimes referred to as "elephant coffee" because of the large beans. This size doesn't necessarily equate to more flavor, but it might explain how incredibly flavorful this coffee is! A refreshing and sweet brew, look for full notes of berry and watermelon to give the cup a light and sugary quality. Floating above the sweetness is a delicate floral note that adds some depth and complexity to the profile. It's an outrageously fun coffee, and we're delighted that we get to share this uncommon varietal with you!

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Matthew Titus

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December '15
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Best Beans this Year!

Hands down the smoothest, most drinkable coffee we've received this year. What a treat! Loved the balance between the sweetness and tea-like flavors. I may not know much about coffee, but I can promise this was something special!