La Montanita

Orange, Cedar, Cocoa

Variety: Yellow Catuai

Processing: Orange Peel Process

Crop Year: 2017

Origin: Jalapa, Guatemala

Producers: Jose Humberto

Altitude: 1750-1850m

Get ready for a truly unique coffee experience, courtesy of Jose Humberto's Finca la Montanita in south-eastern Guatemala. These exquisite yellow catuai beans are carefully tended until they are ripe, and then put through a novel process only found on Jose's farm. Soaking in cold fermentation tanks with a secret formula of orange juice and orange peels makes this coffee truly one-of-a-kind. The orange juice fermentation lends a lot of character to the flavor profile of this coffee. Namely, a strong orange note and bright acidity that we love. The other benefit to processing coffee this way is the pervasive sweetness that fills the cup. There are also hints of savory cedar and cocoa that dry out this otherwise "juicy" coffee. La Montanita provides a truly unique flavor, and we're overjoyed that we get to send it your way. This is the type of coffee you'll remember for a long time!

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Erik Hons


Member Since
April '17
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So good!

I'm still getting used to single origin coffees after drinking full bodied blends for years. This is the first time I caught all the tasting notes *and* liked them all. Makes an amazing cup of coffee.




Member Since
July '16
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Orange is right!

This coffee has a really strong orange note, and I love it!


Randall Rydeen

Saint Paul

Member Since
January '16
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Flavor and more

Fantasic blend of orange and coffee flavor, it was a pleasure to drink.


James Coyle

San Diego

Member Since
October '17
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A Certainly "Unique" Coffee

First off, as the title states, 100% a unique coffee. In fact, I can't remember if I've ever had coffee that had gone through the orange peel process. But based on the initial notes and description, I was intrigued. At first grind, the dry aroma reminded me a lot of a barbecue joint. It was oaky but sweet and citrusy at the same time. I don't know, I just thought of the smell that the wet wood gives off as your prepping your meat to be smoked. Which led me to believe that the given cedar tasting note would be prevalent. And once I squeezed this bad boy out of my Aeropress, that it was! Cedar! Lovely! While the citrus notes were through-the-roof strong, the subtle cedar and cocoa notes rounded this coffee off nicely. Most of the bright, citrusy coffees that I drink finish sweet. But with this one, I didn't necessarily get that. My cups finished dry thanks to the cocoa and cedar. And I think that truly makes for a unique coffee that all coffee lovers should try! PS I am craving barbecue now...


On 03/23/18 BJ says

Do you remember what grind size you were running for your Aeropress? I wasn't getting as much cedar out of mine, curious how we differed.

Joseph Dresselhaus


Member Since
March '17
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One of my favorites so far. Juicy and sweet, with added complexity from the cocoa and a dry finish. Bright mouthfeel, tangy without overwhelming acidity. Top notch job on this one.


Terri L Wilson


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February '16
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Really good

I liked this one a lot!!! Thanks for finding it.


Jonathan Barton


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December '15
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More Subtle Than Expected

Per the description, I expected this coffee to be exploding with acidity. It was not, but turned out to be a more refined cup (in a good way!) Otherwise, it is pretty much as described.


Chris Caruso

Highland Heights

Member Since
December '15
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Interesting and Different

The orange peel process really puts a rindy character into this one, which is fun. I was expecting to taste actual orange orange, but what I actually got made more sense - an acidic citrus that's sweeter than the lemon you get in an ethiopian. It also was a bit nuttier to me than the central americans typically are. Definitely different and worth experiencing. Stuff like this is hard to find. Wouldn't mind getting this one again at all.