Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Cream, Cherry

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Cream, Cherry

Item information

La Soledad

Item information

Huehuetenango, Guatemala


Variety: Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Origin: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Producers: David Arcàngel Ruiz Martinez

Altitude: 1675m

Farm Size: 5.25 hectares

Guatemala has many successful coffee-growing areas - but possibly none are quite as well-known as Huehuetenango. The area is home to the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America, which means that the plants growing here at higher altitudes have a different soil composition than other comparably high-grown beans - which could lend a bit of unique flavor to the profiles. Coffee has been produced in Huehuetenango since at least the 1800's and has become an important pillar of the local economy - even though the average farm size is only 3-4 hectares. Since the area can be fairly remote, most producers process their own coffees - but with abundant rivers and streams it's relatively easy for producers to do so to a high standard - resulting in some great coffees.

This particular coffee is a washed lot of 100% bourbon beans grown on David Martinez' farm. It's a great coffee with a familiar flavor profile - we're picking up on a lovely milk chocolate flavor as well as some cherry tartness that we've seen before in some of our favorite Huehuetenango coffees. We're also really digging the smoothness these beans produce, an almost creamy body that drinks smooth and makes La Soledad an easy coffee to savor. This is a slow-sipping coffee perfect for quiet moments of contemplation - a little solitude, as the name suggests. Enjoy!

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4.5 out of 5

Very good Coffee

Well-balanced between high and low notes. Not the most complex coffee, but it's highly enjoyable. A great everyday coffee.

Ethan R


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October '15