Honey, Jasmine, Peach

Honey, Jasmine, Peach

Item information

Layo Teraga

Item information

Guji, Ethiopia


Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom

Processing: Washed

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Producers: Hawata Washing Station

Altitude: 1950-2300M


Layo Teraga is a cooperative located in northern Guji, Uraga. The cooperative has about 500 members, all of whom have small personal coffee gardens around their homes. The coffee is mainly grown in semi-forested environments, using natural vegetation for shade cover. Coffees being delivered to this washing station are among the highest grown in Ethiopia, with peaks upwards of 2,300 meters above sea level. The Union considers Layo Teraga to be one of its prized washing stations and has invested in process-level upgrades, including tile for fermentation tanks, a new McKinnon depulper, and a new and improved shed for storage.

The resulting coffee produces an outstanding cup. We are tasting jasmine-tinged florals, with honey and the fruitiness of ripe peaches. Let’s brew!

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3.5 out of 5

Like Tea

To be fair, I love tea so this does not bother me too much. The peach notes are strong and give the coffee a fruity taste. Very interesting!

On 05/17/22 Randall LaLonde said

I'm not sure that I'd describe this Ethiopian as 'tea-like', but while it doesn't have the pronounced 'perfume' of other Ethiopian coffees, the jasmine note is right there up front and it has a smooth and round finish. Very nice!

On 05/18/22 Amanda Kefalas said

The more I drink it, the more I like it! It is indeed very nice!

Amanda Kefalas


Member Since

May '14

5.0 out of 5

Powerful aroma, powerful taste

Sometimes you get a coffee that smells fantastic after you grind it, but then fails to match the same intensity when you taste it. This coffee smells just as good as it tastes and will not disappoint you in any way.

Derek Parks


Member Since

April '18