Jasmine, Sweet, Tropical

Jasmine, Sweet, Tropical

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Las Crucitas

Item information

Fraijanes, Guatemala


Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Processing: Honey

Origin: Fraijanes, Guatemala

Producers: Carolina Chinchilla and Alfredo Chinchilla

Altitude: 1500M

Las Crucitas is a real treat for all you lovers of tropical fruit flavors in your coffee. We haven't done a lot of Honey processed coffee lately so if you are new to them, they are somewhere between a natural processed and a washed coffee. During the processing the farmer removes the skin and some of the mucilage and allows the coffee beans to dry with the mucilage attached. Then afterwards the full hull is removed much the same as the dry process (where the entire fruit is left to dry intact).

With Las Crucitas this has allowed the coffee to develop delicious fruity flavors, including my favorite Tropical flavors. Look out for juicy tropical vibes!

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