Lyula AA

Lemonade, Cane Sugar, Raspberry

Variety: N39, KT423

Processing: Washed

Origin: Songwe, Tanzania

Producers: Lyula Amcos Cooperative

Altitude: 1600-1700m

This Tanzanian coffee was grown in the Songwe region by members of the Lyula Amcos Cooperative. Coffees grown by cooperative members are brought to the mill where they're pulped, washed, and sorted. Coffee is typically sorted by size and density, and very generally, the larger, denser beans taste best. While coffee grading varies by country, Tanzania's system is similar to Kenya's with AA and AB representing the largest bean sizes. We haven't sourced a lot of Tanzanian coffee in the past, but we were really stoked on these lots, and we hope to see more like them in the future!

Lyula AA is a coffee that reminds us of summer with bright, sweet flavors. A tart lemonade note is most prominent, with a pronounced amount of cane sugar sweetness to back it up. Also present is a juicy raspberry note, giving the cup two distinctly different tart flavors that play off of one another quite well. We love how sharp and acidic this coffee is, and we hope it brightens your day like it brightened ours. We'll certainly be keeping an eye out for more coffees from this region in the future! Be sure to rate your coffees here on the site so that we know what to send you next.

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