Lyula AB

Strawberry, Blood Orange, Dry Finish

Variety: N39, KT423

Processing: Washed

Origin: Songwe, Tanzania

Producers: Lyula Amcos Cooperative

Altitude: 1600-1700m

This is another lot that we purchased from the Lyula Amcos Cooperative out of Songwe, Tanzania. The cherries were grown by cooperative members before being pulped, washed, and dried on African raised beds. During the drying process, the lots at Lyula are repeatedly sorted by hand so that any imperfections can be removed. This helps the beans achieve a consistent moisture content, which leads to coffees that taste smoother and more cohesive. We were really impressed by the quality coming out of Lyula, and hope to see more stellar Tanzanian coffees headed our way soon.

Lyula AB is a crisp coffee with a decadent taste. The lead flavor is a luscious strawberry note that gives the cup some sweetness and fruit flavor. A note of blood orange adds some citrus taste as well as a touch of bitterness to the cup, something we don't often find in washed coffees. On top of that, Lyula AB is a very dry finishing coffee that leaves your palate clear, perfect to enjoy with breakfast or dessert. Lyula AB truly is one of the best Tanzanian coffees we've seen in a long time, and we're excited to share it with all of you.

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