Stone fruit, Sugar, Spice

Stone fruit, Sugar, Spice

Item information

Mahembe #3 2022

Item information

Nyamasheke, Rwanda


Variety: Red Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Origin: Nyamasheke, Rwanda

Producers: Justin Musabyiama

Altitude: 1900M


Mahembe is a privately owned washing station, owned by Justin Musabyiama. Justin grew up in the local area, grows his own coffee, and decided to invest in the community by building a wet mill on his fathers coffee plantation. He owns a farm that sources cherries from surrounding smallholders. Because of it's high-altitudes, this area has an increasing number of farmers choosing to grow coffee on the land. Justin's history with the community has formed strong bonds within the region. He and his staff have strict routines for the process; after sorting, the cherries are placed in a tank prior to pulping, where floaters are removed and processed as lower grade coffee. The climate in Rwanda is relatively cool, which assists in controlling the fermentation process. A pulper removes skin and pulp, and 70% of the mucilage. The coffee is then dry fermented for 10-12 hours. After being washed and separated, the parchment is left to dry on African drying beds for 21 days. Mahembe makes organic fertilizer from the coffee pulp.

Justin produces such high quality coffee, it’s no surprise this cup is delicious. We’re getting bright, lively fruit flavors - stewed red fruit, rooibos, orange zest, and as the cup cools you may notice some more brown spice with a sugary finish. We love Rwandan coffee at MCC, and we think Mahembe #3 will have you feeling the same way.

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5.0 out of 5


Love the brown sugar finish and warm spice notes

Kristine Snyder


Member Since

September '18

3.5 out of 5

Good but could be better

Spice and slight sweetness, I feel that this would be better if it was roasted SLIGHTLY more, just a touch. a hair. its so close to perfect.

Dustin witjes


Member Since

November '22

5.0 out of 5

one of my faves

brewed in kalita wave (155) after fellow ssp burrs @ 5 - loved how the notes developed as the cup cooled

Daniel Nesbit

San Francisco

Member Since

February '14