Muraho Vunga

Lemon, Green Apple, Honey

Variety: Red Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Crop Year: 2017

Origin: Nyabihu, Rwanda

Producers: Vunga Cooperative

Altitude: 1650-2000m

The Vunga Cooperative is made up of 260 members from the Nyabihu district in Rwanda, all of whom are growing exquisite Red Bourbon coffee plants on their property. After harvest the coffee cherries are brought together to be wet processed, fermented for 6 hours, and left to dry on patios for 35 days to reach the proper moisture content. The Muraho Trading Company is one of Rwanda's leading coffee development organizations, helping smaller cooperatives market their coffee and incorporate the latest specialty coffee techniques.

Muraho Vunga is a zesty coffee with plenty of acidity and tartness. A strong lemon note gives this cup an energizing quality, with a crisp green apple note adding even more bite to the profile. A smooth honey sweetness provides a bit of relief on the back end of the palate, but this truly is the real deal when it comes to a bright, lively brew. We love it when we find a specialty coffee with a little kick, and we hope you enjoy it too! Let us know what you think of this coffee by leaving a comment below!

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mary loftin


Member Since
February '18
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Hit it

This coffee is again, right on the money for my tastes. It is bright and smooth, even after cooling down it is mellow and satisfying. I don't detect any acidic after tones and find myself finishing my second cup. ( I usually get halfway through a second cup before my tastebuds get overstimulated and the coffee goes down the drain.


Barbara Erickson


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March '18
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Muraho Vunga

I definitely notice a lemony/green apple taste. Pleasant and light. Not sure about having this as my wake me up in the morning choice, though.


Jeremy Hales


Member Since
October '17
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Smooth, delicious.

Very good. Love African coffees. Very light and smooth.


Randall LaLonde


Member Since
July '15
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Muraho Vunga

This African coffee is very lemony and bright--excellent.