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Every so often, we end up with small amounts of Tasting Series coffees left over after the Tasting Series has been shipped. This is crazy delicious coffee - think Gesha, Pink Bourbon, Cup of Excellence winners - all the rare, top-shelf stuff. It's been killing us to have these green beans sit un-roasted knowing how incredible they still are - so we've decided we're going to roast them!

The catch is - we're not going to tell you what a Mystery Batch is ahead of time, there will be extremely limited quantity, and we'll put them on the site with very little notice. (If you want regular access to coffees like this, you'll still need to join the Tasting Series).

In exchange for taking a chance - you'll get a Mystery Batch shipment at our standard pricing which is, frankly, a ridiculous discount for these types of extra-special coffees. If you're reading this - adventurous subscriber - your time to select a Mystery Batch is now!

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3.5 out of 5

Great coffee.

Fun, unique and relatively rare. And delicious. Mystery Batches are awesome.

Tim Browning

Idaho Falls

Member Since

February '16

Geisha Surprise

I LOVED this mystery batch of Geisha. I don't often rate the coffees since I like pretty much everything Moustache sends me, but this one stood out. I found it to be fun, fruity, and bright.

On 03/01/22 Kyle said

Woohoo--so glad you enjoyed it. Happy brewing!

Elizabeth Elizabeth

Los Angeles

Member Since

October '18