Cherry, Tropical, Jasmine

Cherry, Tropical, Jasmine

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MB1: Bangi Gesha

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Bench Maji, Ethiopia


Occasionally, we end up with small amounts of Tasting Series coffees left over after the Tasting Series has been shipped. Every so often, we'll be selling these special coffees at a discount, with a catch: you won't know what the coffee is until after it ships. For those lucky enough to receive the first Mystery Batch - they enjoyed:

Variety: Gori Gesha

Processing: Natural

Origin: Bench Maji, Ethiopia

Producers: Gesha Village Coffee Estate

Altitude: 1911-2001m

This incredible coffee was grown on hallowed ground: the Gesha Village coffee estate in Bench Maji, Ethiopia. The estate is situated near the Gori Gesha forest, where the famed Panamanian Geisha varietal was discovered in the 30's before being transplanted (and mis-named) in Central and South America. The founders of Gesha Village wanted to bring the incredible reputation of Gesha coffee back to its birthplace, and wild-foraged seeds from the Gori Gesha forest to plant their first coffee trees when they established their farm. Now the estate is producing some of the most delicious coffees in Ethiopia - with multiple varieties of Gesha and strict lot separation providing unparalleled traceability and quality. It's a really exciting project that's putting out really exciting coffees, and we're overjoyed to bring some Gesha Village coffee to the Tasting Series.

This coffee comes from the Bangi block of Gesha Village, which is planted with Gori Gesha coffee. The block is named after the Bangi-Chichuru neighborhood east of the farm, where most of the workers live. The coffee has been natural-processed to produce notes of bright ripe cherry and sweet tropical fruit, alongside a fragrant, jasmine-like floral quality that gives the cup an undeniably luxurious air. This is a spectacular lot of coffee with a wonderful story - we hope you savor it as much as we do!

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4.5 out of 5

Wonderfully smooth and bright

I enjoy Yirgacheffe coffees from time to time, but they aren’t an everyday coffee for me. I get lots of bright lime notes and a strong vinous quality when brewed in my French press. This brew was exceptionally smooth and sweet, with a pleasant acidity. I highly recommend it. All-in-all, a very nice coffee with all the qualities you’d expect from a Yirgacheffe bean.

Mark Russell


Member Since

January '21

5.0 out of 5

Elegant and Delicious

The body was perfect allowing the subtle flavors to shine through. Acid added a bright finish. This was a nice surprise to receive!

Gaylord Hanson

San Diego

Member Since

December '20