Raspberry, Lemonade, Sugar

Raspberry, Lemonade, Sugar

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MB2: Dimma Gesha

Item information

Bench Maji, Ethiopia


Occasionally, we end up with small amounts of Tasting Series coffees left over after the Tasting Series has been shipped. Every so often, we'll be selling these special coffees at a discount, with a catch: you won't know what the coffee is until after it ships - and it's in very limited quantities. Those lucky enough to receive this Mystery Batch enjoyed:

Variety: Illubabor Forest

Processing: Natural

Origin: Bench Maji, Ethiopia

Producers: Gesha Village Coffee Estate

Altitude: 1966-2019m

We’re in for another treat with this exceptional coffee from the Gesha Village estate in Bench Maji, Ethiopia. Beyond being extremely delicious and rare - the lots from Gesha Village are second-to- none in their traceability. Many producers separate different varietals into blocks on their farms; Gesha Village is the only producer we’ve seen to provide a map with precise altitude measurements for each block (this coffee was grown in the Dimma block in the north-central section of the farm). Illubabor Forest is a varietal from the Jimma Agricultural Research Center in Ethiopia based on samples collected in 1974 and selectively bred for disease resistance and supreme flavor qualities. Since much of Gesha Village’s coffees are wild-foraged from the Gori Gesha forest, Illubabor provides much- needed genetic diversity on the farm.

More importantly, Illubabor Forest is a knock-out coffee with exceptional clarity of flavor. We’re tasting a bright Meyer lemon acidity and juicy raspberry tartness mingling with a pervasive sweetness throughout. It brews a cup of coffee that you’ll remember long after it’s gone - and it certainly won't last long tasting this good!

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