Red Grape, Cacao Nibs, Caramel

Red Grape, Cacao Nibs, Caramel

Item information

Nenka #1

Item information

Hambella Wamena, Ethiopia


Variety: Wolisho, Kurume

Processing: Washed

Origin: West Guji Region: Oromia Sub Region: Hambella Wamena Village

Producers: Hambella Wamena Smallholders

Altitude: 1900 – 2300

Score: 87

We've had a bunch of lovely natural coffees from Benti Nenka, now it's time for a washed!

Nenka #1 is a washed coffee from Benti Nenka in Hambela Wamena.

This coffee was the most aroma-intense cup on the table during our cupping session. It has great fruit complexity and delicious notes of purple berries and stonefruit in this cup, all coated with a honey-like sweetness. We thought the layers of white florals, elegant peach acidity and bergamot notes, make this coffee distinctive and complex.


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5.0 out of 5

Like a summer and a winter coffee, finish is delightful

Caramel, dark cherry, and a great finish!

Lawrence Titus


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October '22