Peach, Candylike Citrus, Tea, Floral

Peach, Candylike Citrus, Tea, Floral

Item information

Nenka #3

Item information

Benti Nenka, Hambella Wamena, Ethiopia


Variety: Wolisho, Kurume

Processing: Natural

Origin: West Guji Region: Oromia Sub Region: Hambella Wamena Village

Producers: Hambella Wamena Smallholders

Altitude: 1900 – 2300

Score: 87.75

We've had a couple of coffees from Hambella Wamena in the last year, but this coffee is like no other. While this is a natural coffee, in contrast to last weeks new coffee (Encanto) this is a very non-funky very clean natural processed coffee.

What we mean by that is that the fermenty type flavors and the general funkiness of the coffee is less pronounced with the flavors being more clearer and easy to taste. More pilsner than funky IPA for you beer drinkers.

This is a stellar coffee and we are super excited to get it for the club. We have a limited quantity so this will go fast - you have been warned!

This coffee tastes amazing. It's super clean with tons of candylike peach, almost like haribo gummies with layered candylike citrus and acidic black tea underneath and lots of florals.

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4.5 out of 5

Solid Ethiopian Natural

Sweet, fruity

Tim Browning

Idaho Falls

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February '16