Purple Fruit, Peach, Black Tea.

Purple Fruit, Peach, Black Tea.

Item information

Nenka #5

Item information

Benti Nenka, Hambella Wamena, Ethiopia


Variety: Wolisho, Kurume

Processing: Natural

Origin: West Guji Region: Oromia Sub Region: Hambella Wamena Village

Producers: Hambella Wamena Smallholders

Altitude: 1900 – 2300

Score: 87.25

Here is another great natural processed coffee from the village of Benti Nenkai in Hambella Wamena.

With tons of ripe fruit and candy sweetness it is a very sweet cup, but it's balanced out with delicious florals and fruit notes. We are getting a round mouthfeel and a really full feeling cup.


This coffee is floral with a rich, fruity sweetness. We are getting flavors of dense purple fruits, peach and black tea notes.

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1.0 out of 5

Do not like natural. Smells aweful


Janice Rauch

South Bend

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April '16