Lemon, Custard, Dry Finish

Variety: Red Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Origin: Nyaruguru, Rwanda

Producers: Nyampinga Cooperative

Altitude: 1760m

The Nyampinga Cooperative is based in Southern Rwanda, where a group of about 200 women work together to improve their livelihoods by increasing the quality of their coffee crops. Through special trainings and equipment and increased access to coffee markets, the cooperative has seen steady increases in its output and overall quality since its founding in 2013. The members grow Red Bourbon coffee on communal plots of land or family farms, and work together to hand sort their coffee during processing at the Nyampinga coffee washing station. The result is a delicious coffee that we couldn't be more excited about.

Nyampinga is a clean coffee with a very distinctive flavor profile. The main note that you'll taste is a pronounced lemon flavor, which lends the cup a fair amount of brightness and acidity from the outset. This acidity pairs nicely with a custardy note that adds some body and sweetness to the mix without counteracting the standout citrus flavor. It's a delicate balance between acidic and sweet that this cup manages, and we love how it leaves a dry, crisp finish. This is a great cup of coffee to start your day with, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Don't forget to leave us a note on the website with your reactions to this stellar brew!

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William E Flack


Member Since
October '17
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Nyampinga : I like it.

This coffee is very good. It seems almost like my preferred dark roast. Make it in a French press. I am not much of one to identify the various qualities. I am more binary: I like it or don’t. Thanks very much.


Greg Holden

Los Angeles

Member Since
March '17
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Really great flavor profile. Nice and smooth for my morning pour-over. A little darker than I would usually go for, but not at all disappointed. Would totally have it again.


Heather Bohlinger


Member Since
March '18
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Not my favorite

I'm realizing that I do not prefer the fruity roasts. It was good but not my favorite.


On 06/07/18 Sean Reilly says

Hey Heather, Have you tried our Classic lineup? If you aren't a fan of our fruitier coffees maybe give that a try. It's more a more chocolate focused flavor profile. You can update your preferences on the account page, Sean

Jonathan Barton


Member Since
December '15
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Pleasant and Enjoyable

This is definitely a good go to coffee. It's juicy and sweet enough to keep my attention, but not so much so that it can get overwhelming. There's just enough bitterness to make sure that you remember you are drinking coffee. Pleasant start to finish, but also not something that blows my mind with evolving flavors.


Jacob MacDonald


Member Since
April '18
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Exciting and lemony.

I'm a big fan of the up-front citrus flavor, and that has stayed constant over a couple different brews. The rest of the taste is fairly smooth, perhaps a bit less complex than I was expecting. In any case, the lemon is a great base and I look forward to dialing in my brew around that. Second and third tries have already turned out better than the first!


On 07/24/18 Jacob MacDonald says

Brewing method that I've settled on as of this morning: Aeropress, regular, metal filter (non-mesh). Fine grind, as close to espresso as my cheap grinder can get. 15g coffee, 165g 175C water. Very brief stir, ~5 seconds. Press slowly with minimal pressure (a little more than the passive 15lb. Alan Adler describes). Came out extremely silky, very low bitterness but enough body for me. Still super citrusy up-front.

On 07/24/18 Jacob MacDonald says

That temp should be 175F not C sorry.

Alex Zvenigorodsky

Redwood City

Member Since
January '15
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Possibly my favorite I've gotten from you. And I've had a lot I've liked from you.