Nzuri Sana

Nzuri Sana

Variety: SL28, SL34

Crop Year: 2015/16

Origin: Nyeri, Kenya

Producers: Nyeri Small Holders

Altitude: 1760m

This week's coffee comes from small holders in the Nyeri region of Kenya. You might have noticed that we've been featuring several coffees from Nyeri in recent weeks, and that's because Nyeri is a great region for coffee-growing. But what does this mean? Beyond the agricultural and processing practices of coffee producers, the geography of certain regions can actually benefit coffee plants. Nyeri is a great example, because of its proximity to the Aberdare mountains. Not only does the elevation suit coffee cultivation, the mountain range's volcanic past means the soil is especially fertile. Maybe this contributes to the coffee's Swahili name, which translates to "very good." We have to agree, and we're stoked to send this coffee your way!

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