Black Tea, Bergamot, Floral

Black Tea, Bergamot, Floral

Item information

Raro Lot 3

Item information

Raro, Ethiopia


Variety: Dega, Kurume

Processing: Washed

Origin: Raro, Ethiopia

Producers: SNAP Coffee

Altitude: 1900-2250m

The Raro Boda washing station in Raro, Ethiopia provides washed processing services for small-holder coffee producers in and around the town of Raro in Guji, Ethiopia. Managed by Negusse Debela - the station hand-sorts and grades the coffees, which allows them to produce lots that dry consistently and evenly, exhibiting the incredible flavors of Ethiopian Heirloom varietals like Dega and Kurume. We've been loving the variety in the lots from different parts of Ethiopia arranged by SNAP Coffee in Addis. Though they have vastly different profiles and processing techniques, they're all unified by the simple fact that they're delicious.

This lot from Raro gives off some of the classical traits of a high-quality Ethiopian coffee: Big floral notes, coupled with a nice acidty. We're tasting rich, earthy notes of black tea along-side a citrus kick of bergamot, with jasmine and orange-blossom like florals floating overhead. The brew is a wonderfully smooth and composed, a real gem of an Ethiopian coffee that we're happy to be enjoying alongside the club.

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2.5 out of 5

Tea-like consistency, very light body, quite sour.

I have tried to brew this coffee multiple ways and the best way has been on the Kalitta Wave. The coffee has a very light body, yet quite a sour flavor. It has tea-like consistency and is pretty unconventional in that way, but it is interesting and can be enjoyed! When the coffee was cooler I could very slightly get the bergamot accent, but it was very subtle. This coffee does have a nice finish though. I would recommend using a higher brew temperature like 205 or even higher. I also have found the coffee and the flavors have come out better with about a 1:12 ratio.

Skylar Venema


Member Since

May '20

2.5 out of 5

Good but Not Memorable

It's a tough comparison to the many other Ethiopian coffees that have come our way in recent times. I'm not picking up as much flavor as the description describes. It's a good coffee. I like it but I'm not compelled to reorder another bag like I was other Ethiopian beans.

Tim McCarthy


Member Since

June '16

4.0 out of 5


Yes, it has big floral notes, and yes, there's a bite of acidity. However, counterbalancing this is a wonderful earthiness. Tasty, interesting coffee. However, if you prefer lower acidity coffees or don't enjoy a touch of sourness, this is probably not the one for you.

Ethan R


Member Since

October '15