San Francisco

Lemon, Tart, Delicate

Variety: Caturra, Catuai

Processing: Washed

Crop Year: 2016/2017

Origin: Jinotega, Nicaragua

Producers: Martin Gadea

Altitude: 1300m

These beans were lovingly prepared by Martin Gadea, an extremely-well respected farmer in the Jinotega area that has been growing and cupping coffee for more than thirty years. His farm Finca San Francisco is bordered by naturally occuring orange and guava trees that provide the perfect amount of shade for his caturra and catuai coffee plants to produce vibrant cherries packed full of nuanced flavor. After he picks and processes those cherries, the result is a delicious batch of beans for us to enjoy. Zesty and bright, this coffee is characterized by a strong lemon note that permeates the entire flavor profile. A sharp acidity and delicate sweetness make this a coffee that rewards experimenting with different brew methods and grinds to find the perfect flavor. When we tasted this one, we knew we needed to send it your way. Enjoy!

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Kevin Knight


Member Since
August '17
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Nice Flavor

Good profile, light and smooth




Member Since
July '16
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Clean Cup

Brewed this on a Chemex with a 16:1 water:coffee ratio at ~198 degrees F. Came out really bright, definitely could taste the lemon, and seemed especially clean & concise.


John Maclean

The Villages

Member Since
June '17
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Full body

Judging from the intro I expected a light acidic or fruity cup. Was surprised that it made a good full body cup with adequate crema, not fruity or wimpy at all.


Mark Vanase


Member Since
December '16
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Smooth, delicious coffee. I would order more of this if I could.


Joseph Dresselhaus


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March '17
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Clean and light

I typically like black tea/stonefruit/spice notes, but this was an enjoyable bit of variety. Smooth delicate flavor. I was a little worried about it at first, as I'm not a particular fan of very tart coffees, but this tastes kind of like a really good lemonade, tart but not astringent, lightly sweet but not sugary. Brewing at a higher temperature than normal (Aeropress at 200f, I'm usually at 190-195f) helped bring out the sweetness.