Sugar, Chocolate, Jazmin, Lemon Florals

Sugar, Chocolate, Jazmin, Lemon Florals

Item information

San Jorge

Item information

San Raymundo, Fraijanes, Guatemela


Variety: Caturra, Catuai

Processing: Washed

Origin: San Raymundo, Fraijanes, Guatemela

Producers: Jorge Arriola

Altitude: 1580 m

This is a little treat we have for you loyal members. We've been shipping quite a few African coffees lately, and it's always good to drop a banger from central America so we don't forget about them over there :)

This coffee bucks the trend a little of what a Guatemalan coffee can be. We are used to chocolate coffees from Guatemala but San Jorge is so much more than just a chocolate bomb. It's got plenty of pop and acidic zing to really balance the chocolate and give you something to savor as you enjoy a cup. Enjoy!

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4.0 out of 5

Unfamiliar, But Good Territory

I suspect this is a medium roast, based on appearance and pre-grind aroma. There was a pleasant amount of acidity and freshness reminiscent of citrus and something like fresh, young cherries. Maybe a little floral. Not what I was expecting, but definitely good, enjoyable, and of good quality.

alexander miller

Jersey City

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January '17