Cocoa, Citrus, Cola

Cocoa, Citrus, Cola

Item information

Santa Gregoria #1

Item information

Santa Ana, El Salvador


Variety: Pacas

Processing: Natural

Origin: Santa Ana, El Salvador

Producers: Joaquin Salaverria

Altitude: 1350-1500M

Score: 87

It's great to have a few coffees from El Salvador back in the mix! Long-standing members may recognize the name, as we've featured coffees from the Salaverrias and their family-run milling company Jasal in seasons past. This coffee was grown on Joaquin Salaverria's farm Santa Gregoria, and processed as a natural, dried on raised patios at higher altitudes near the farm. The folks at Jasal have quite an extensive coffee operation growing a multitude of cultivars across several different growing areas, processing at a few centralized mills - it's amazing to see the quality and attention-to-detail paid to small lots like this given the volumes they're managing. Jasal is also at the forefront of coffee agronomy in El Salvador - producing an organic fertilizer (made partially with coffee pulp) that helps revitalize soil and improve growing conditions for future planting.

Pacas is a natural mutation of Bourbon coffee, and is pretty common to see in El Salvador. What's not necessarily as common is to find a delicious natural-processed lot - since drying them can be a challenge. Jasal has loads of experience with expert production, and is putting out some of the best naturals in the area, including this lot! Flavorwise, we're getting rich cocoa notes with some hits of citrus acidity, and just a hint of sweet spices that reminds us a bit of cola (that last one is almost certainly thanks to the processing). It's a real unique, real fun coffee and we hope you enjoy drinking it!

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3.5 out of 5

A uniquely spicy natural.

These beans have an intensely fruity aroma, but what ends up in the cup is far less straightforward. I got a salty note in one of my first cups, but that seems to have mellowed over time. It wasn't an unpleasant saltiness either, and fed into the spiciness mentioned above. Fruit notes and acidity arrive late, but they're not heavy. There's not a particularly heavy mouthfeel or I would describe it as winey. Overall, a nice complex brew. Perhaps a little too complicated for me: I would have preferred a sharp edge to grab.

Jacob MacDonald


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April '18