Milk Chocolate, Red Grape, Almond

Milk Chocolate, Red Grape, Almond

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Santa Julia

Item information


Variety: Pacas, Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Origin: Santa Ana, El Salvador

Producers: The Salaverria Family

Altitude: 1545m

We often speak of coffee farmers' expertise and how generations of knowledge are applied to produce exceptional coffees. This is certainly the case with El Salvador's Salaverria family, who has been growing high-quality coffee in the Santa Ana region for six generations. But at their Santa Julia farm, the plants themselves also have generations of experience! These premium beans come from old growth bourbon plants, which can produce excellent coffee cherries for up to 50 years. With skilled farmers tending the same plants for decades you're bound to get exceptional quality and out-of-this-world flavor, and Santa Julia doesn't disappoint.

What we love most about Santa Julia is how smooth the flavors are. The cup is overflowing with a milk chocolate taste that creates a mellow and inviting base for a juicy red grape note. There's also an almond nuttiness that pairs well with the chocolate note and contributes to the overall silkiness of the flavor profile. We were impressed with how steady and polished these flavors are, almost like these beans have been practicing for years to find the perfect balance. It's the sort of coffee that effortlessly begs a second cup. Don't say we didn't warn you!

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