Apple, Mango, Milk Chocolate

Apple, Mango, Milk Chocolate

Item information

Santa Lucia #1

Item information

Sul de Minas, Brazil


Variety: Acaia

Producer: Antonio Wander Garcia

Processing: Natural

Origin: Sul de Minas, Brazil

Santa Lucia is a farm owned by the Antonio Wander Garcia. Antonio bought the farm in 1994, and runs it with farm manager, Diquinho, who works and lives on the land with his family. Diquinho is a crucial part of the farm, caring for the trees and land; dedicated alongside the Garcia family to create unique coffees, produced in a sustainable way. While 30 of the 123 hectares of land are dedicated to coffee, the remaining areas are represented by Native forests. In 2016, their intense work at quality and excellence were identified, awarding them 6th best coffee, in the natural coffee category, at the Cup of Excellence. Cherries are handpicked when evenly ripe, and hand sorted. They are processed naturally, meaning cherries are dried whole on a cement patio, and Diquinho works hard to preserve the quality that came from the tree.

This coffee is giving off notes of apple, mango, and milk chocolate. We're even picking up on some pear and subtle nutty tones in the back. It has tropical acidity and jammy sweetness, with a smooth body. Santa Lucia #1 brews a flavorful, upbeat cup that's sure to brighten your day.

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4.5 out of 5

Another winner

Well-balanced acidity, sweetness, and underlying roastiness. Smooth texture. Not too heavy or light. Great coffee.

Ethan R


Member Since

October '15

4.0 out of 5

Mild and subtle

No note dominates the taste. First cup gently draws you in, while the second cup makes you mellow



Member Since

May '19

5.0 out of 5

Interesting Coffee and Nice Finish!

This coffee had a nice light fruity front, like Mango. It has a medium body and is quite smooth, yet deep flavored. It has an interesting lingering finish also-kind of reminiscent of stale milk chocolate?-which some people may enjoy. I enjoyed this coffee. I have made it 2 or 3 times on Kalitta Wave pour over and I would recommend a lower temperature maybe around 200 or even lower. It pulled the flavors out more on the lower temp and it got quite a bit more unique. Jesus-the only way to be forgiven of our sins and turned from an enemy of God to a friend. for more!

Skylar Venema


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May '20