Caramel, Raisin, Chocolate

Caramel, Raisin, Chocolate

Item information

Sitio Vargem #4

Item information

Lambari, Brazil


Variety: Red Catuai

Processing: Natural

Origin: Lambari, Brazil

Producer: Rosimeire Aparecida Guerra

Altitude: 1125m

We're excited to have another great coffee from Sitio Vargem in the mix for the club, this time a red Catuai that was natural-processed. Rosimeire & Carlos, the couple that own and operate Sitio Vargem, utilize several different methods and processes to produce their coffees, including a mechanical dryer. These machines allow producers to continue drying coffees in adverse weather, and also help free up patio space for subsequent lots of coffee to be processed - oftentimes a coffee will start on a patio for most of the moisture loss, and finish up the last bit in a mechanical dryer. This specific lot was fully air-dried in raised metal beds, but it's always neat to see producers utilizing new equipment and tools to increase their farm's quality and output.

Flavorwise this coffee is giving us some very rich tones, especially for a natural. We're picking up on a smooth, caramel-like sweetness and some dried fruit tanginess (think raisins or prunes in the best way). A solid chocolatey flavor persists throughout as well, which makes for a coffee that's smooth, sweet, and easy to sip slow. We hope you'll grab your favorite brew method, your favorite mug, and enjoy this delicious Brazilian coffee this week!

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4.5 out of 5

Love the Brazilians!

This is the second Brazilian coffee in the last couple months that I've loved. This one is so smooth, rich, and flavorful. Just a hint of sweetness to round out the other flavor notes, which for me were mostly chocolate. Ordering two large bags before it's gone - I made the fatal mistake of ordering the previous favorite on it's last brew date. Won't make that mistake again!

Melanie Smith


Member Since

January '21

5.0 out of 5

Chocolate in the morning

So smooth and yet has a rich taste. Definitely a favorite. Better order more



Member Since

May '19