Item information

Suke Quto Natural

Item information

Guji, Ehiopia


Variety: Kurume, Welicho

Processing: Natural

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Producer: Tesfaye Bekele

Altitude: 1780m

This is a fantastic lot of coffee from the prolific Suke Quto farm & washing station in Guji - one of the premier coffee producers in Guji known for its sweet, bright coffees. Owner Tesfaye Bekele was integral to the development of the specialty coffee sector in Guji, and uses his expertise and connections to both grow incredible coffees on his own land and operate a community washing station for small-holders to process their coffees.

Suke Quto is a special place that produces special coffees - and it really does seem like you can taste all the care and effort that went into this bean when you brew it. We're stoked we got to bring this coffee to the club, and we hope it excites you as well.

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