Tano Batak

Fruit, Bell Pepper, High Acidity, Earthy

Variety: Arabe, Bergendal, Jember, Typica

Processing: Wet Hulled

Crop Year: 2016

Origin: Tano Batak, Sumatra

Producer: Tano Small-holders

Altitude: 900-1000m

These beans were grown and processed near the south end of Sumatra's Lake Toba, which was formed by a massive volcanic eruption. This is good news for us coffee fans, as the thick ash-filled soil is great for sustaining different coffee plants. That means over time, each of the varietals included in this coffee grew and developed their own unique tastes. These beans were wet-hulled, a popular process in Indonesia similar to washed processing that produces a more earthy and complex flavor. With this coffee, that comes through as a robust bell pepper note that pairs with sharp acidity and some fruity sweetness. The flavors play off one another really well, creating a memorable cup that we think you'll love.

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Erik Hons


Member Since
April '17
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Earthy flavor isn't for me

What's amazing about this service is that even the coffee I don't like as much is amazing. This one has an "earthy" aroma that evokes tobacco. Not to my taste but, as always, an enjoyable cup.


David Gray

San Diego

Member Since
May '15
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If by earthy do you mean cannabis?

I've never smoked or eaten marijuana in my life. But I've smelled the smoke. It's a very unique smell. While I was brewing my cup this morning I thought I might have detected a whiff of pot. Then I tasted it and BAM...pot. This is the first coffee from Moustache that I've hated. In addition to Fruit, Bell Pepper, High Acidity, Earthy you should add Pot.


LR Miller

New York City

Member Since
January '16
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Tano Batak

This was my favorite coffee of the year. Contrast of several disparate flavors worked extremely well, which is not always the case.


Aaron Andersson


Member Since
May '16
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Very Good

Typically I brew with my aeropress, which was agreeable with this roast, but last night I pulled out my moka pot just for fun and it was great! Very smooth and easy to sip.


Joseph Dresselhaus


Member Since
March '17
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Enjoyable, not my favorite

A pleasant diversion from the Ethiopians I'd been getting. Brewed with Aeropress, med-fine grind, 15:1 ratio, 195 F. I wouldn't want this as my only cup, but it was nice for variety.


Doug Delong

Redondo Beach

Member Since
December '14

What a treat this coffee was!

Loved it. Soooooo good! Um Um Um Um Um Um .........................


Randall LaLonde


Member Since
July '15
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I like Mocha Java so...

Your descriptors--earthy, acidic--were pretty much right on for this Sumatran coffee. I'm a big mocha java fan, so I enjoyed this coffee as well. The best aspect of this club is that the coffee is always fresh and always changing!