Tasting Notes: Peach, Violet, Floral

Tasting Notes: Peach, Violet, Floral

Item information

Tasting Series: Gatomboya AA

Item information

Nyeri, Kenya


Variety: SL28, SL34

Processing: Washed

Origin: Nyeri, Kena

Producers: Gatomboya Small-holders

Altitude: 1800m

This welcome addition to our Tasting Series comes from the hallowed Nyeri county of Kenya, where smallholders grow vibrant coffee plants in the cool, fertile hills below Mount Kenya. The volcanic soil provides the perfect mix of nutrients for coffee plants to thrive and develop the large, juicy cherries and flavorful AA-sized beans. This exemplary lot from the Gatomboya factory was hand-sorted three times during the washing process to make sure only the highest-grade beans made the cut. It was then sun dried for 21 days on raised beds, where it was covered during mid-day and night to protect the beans from any defects. Kenya is widely regarded as the world leader in washed coffee production, and these beans are a perfect example of what happens when high-quality farming meets exacting production standards.

Gatomboya AA produces an otherworldly bouquet of floral aromas at the outset, true to the character of the best Kenyan coffees. The flavor is defined mainly by a peach note that gives the cup a bright and enduring sweetness throughout. Also present is a lovely taste of violet that lingers exquisitely on the tail-end of the profile and highlights the delicate floral qualities of the cup. Coffees this composed are extremely rare, and it's a privilege for us to be sharing this top-shelf Kenyan with fellow coffee fanatics. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Each shipment will contain 6oz of coffee.

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5.0 out of 5

Smooth citrus

Excellent coffee with a smooth citrus finish. Not overwhelming. Excellent.

Michael Barrett


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October '17