Tasting Notes: Lime, Black Cherry, Raspberry

Tasting Notes: Lime, Black Cherry, Raspberry

Item information

Tasting Series: Villa Tatiana

Item information

Tolima, Colombia


Variety: Geisha

Processing: Washed

Origin: Tolima, Colombia

Producers: Edwin Henao Castano

Altitude: 1700m

We’re pleased to present this exclusive lot of washed Geisha from Edwin Henao Castano in Rioblanco, Colombia. Edwin comes from a family of coffee producers, and took on the profession himself in 2004. He was initially working mainly with commodity grade coffee - but was interested in expanding the scope of his operation and getting into the specialty market. In 2016 he made the switch to specialty, and in a big way! The increased prices his coffees command in the specialty market means he’s been able to make many changes and improvements to his operation - including some processing equipment, increased wages for everyone, and some local certifications for organic practicies. Another big shift is varietals - he’s planted some geisha on his farm, which is the incredible lot we’re enjoying this month.

Edwin’s farm only has about 6 hectares of coffee planted and most of it is Caturra - this shipment for Moustache is the only geisha he’s producing this year and we’re so glad we have it to share! Brilliant lime acidity, backed by a rich and vibrant black cherry note make this brew an exquisitely juicy cup. Geisha coffee is always special - but this lot really speaks volumes about what quality coffee means and the difference it can make. Enjoy!

Each shipment will include 6oz of coffee for $22

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5.0 out of 5

Absolutely Spectacular

I was expecting a lot with Villa Tatiana, and I was not let down. This is about as good as it gets if you're a fan of bright yet balanced coffees. Tasting notes were spot-on for me. This is one to savor.

Ethan R


Member Since

October '15


Waited a while for some geishas! This is simply delicious and representative of geishas. Earthy in the front and tart in the back with great body!

Leslie Fok


Member Since

March '18

5.0 out of 5

Excellent Coffee

This coffee was such a good cup as a pour over. It had wonderful fragrance and nice body. Most of the good complex notes came out and the coffee had a distinctive flavor when hot, which tapered off and faded when the temperature went down.

Skylar Venema


Member Since

May '20