Peach, Lime, Floral

Peach, Lime, Floral

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TS: El Socorro Geisha--WRONG SKU

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Palencia, Guatemala


Variety: Geisha

Processing: Washed

Origin: Palencia, Guatemala

Producers: Cercol S.A. / Juan Diego de la Cerda

Altitude: 1850M


We have been buying coffee from Diego De La Cerda and his farm, El Socorro for years and are blown away by the incredibly tasty coffee he produces. We are thrilled to offer this years Geisha coffee to the club as a Tasting Series. One of the unique features of the farm is the utilization of hot water during the washing process in order to speed up fermentation. Diego employs this method to reduce fermentation time, which he feels keeps the bean at the ideal density. Whatever methods are in place must be working, because El Socorro produces fantastically clean washed processed coffees that receive accolades year in and out.

Get ready for a truly stunning cup–this coffee is soft and vibrant with pleasing notes from the first sip to the last. We noticed fragrant floral notes up front with ripe peach sweetness and a bright lime citrus finish. Yum!

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