Tasting Notes: Rose, Honey, Lemon

Tasting Notes: Rose, Honey, Lemon

Item information

Uraga #2

Item information

Guji, Ethiopia


Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom

Processing: Washed

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Producers: Uraga Small-holders

Altitude: 2400m

We're very excited to bring a lot from the Uraga washing station's 2019 crop to the club! We love coffees from the Guji zone of Ethiopia, and the Uraga washing station puts out some of the most vibrant, floral brews of any that we've come across. Small-holder farmers from the surrounding hills bring their cherry down to the washing station or collection centers in neighboring towns, where the Heirloom beans are sorted into different grades and prepared for processing. Washed coffees at Uraga are pulped and then fermented for up to 72 hours before a second sorting and drying. This is a longer fermentation period than other washed coffees - but owner Israel Degfa believes that since the station is at a higher altitude than other washing stations, the coffees need a longer soak at colder temperatures to process well.

And they sure are processed well - this coffee tastes delicious! We mentioned before that coffees from Uraga are some of the most vibrant and floral we see coming out of Guji, and this is a great example. Airy floral notes of Rose lead off the profile, along with honey-like sweetness and a burst of lemon acidity. It's a wonderfully refreshing cup and a welcome introduction to the 2019 crop of Ethiopian coffees that are starting to roll in. Enjoy!

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