Fig, Toasted Almond, Persimmon

Variety: Caturra, Typica

Processing: Washed

Crop Year: 2017

Origin: Vilcaniza, Peru

Producers: Coopbam Cooperative

Altitude: 1740m

Here at the Moustache Coffee Club, we go through a lot of specialty coffee. We see our fair share of Colombian and Kenyan coffees, (and for good reason), but it's always a treat when something a little different comes along. Enter Vilcaniza. Grown by the Coopbam cooperative, Vilcaniza is a washed coffee from Peru that's bursting with flavor. The specialty coffee scene is taking off in Peru, and we're beyond excited to bring you the best Peruvian coffees we can get our hands on.

Vilcaniza has a pretty unique taste, bringing some new flavors into the specialty coffee realm. A sticky-sweet fig note provides some sweetness, while a toasted almond note adds a dash of savory, nutty flavor. The cup also contains a smooth, fresh taste something akin to persimmon, which we've been transfixed by since we brewed our first cup. Enjoy!

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Scott Meadow


Member Since
November '17
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Very good, dark and rich but still textured. I could taste a lot more in this coffee but at the same time it was Appropriatelly brassy


David R


Member Since
October '15
9stars c58729f5103ff4590617db3549eb955fdf8c2b8a5189f5adb5f5c5b2399e076c

Excellent Coffee

Love this. If it had a bit more sweetness and a taffy finish, would be perfect.