Drink Great Coffee For a Great Cause


Enjoy fresh, premium single-origin coffee at home with Moustache Coffee Club! We search the world's best growing regions and select the highest-scoring lots from skilled coffee producers to create a rotating slate of the most unique coffee varietals and processes. Explore the world of specialty coffee with fresh, delicious, unique beans delivered just when you need them, ready to brew.


Now you can enjoy your coffee and know it's helping a great cause! We're happy to partner with the Marine Mammal Care Center of LA to create custom subscription plans that support their initiatives. For every bag shipped on these plans, we'll donate $2 to MMCCLA - so you can enjoy every new bag knowing that your brews are sustaining important work.

The Sea Lion Subscription

$24.00 /bag

1 bag (12 oz.) of Amazing Coffee every other week. (includes shipping). For each bag shipped, Moustache will donate $2 to MMCCLA!

Ideal for one person who drinks a mug every morning. Enough coffee to make about 16 mugs of amazing coffee.


Thanks for supporting the important work that Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles does to protect and rehabilitate marine mammals in need!

We're glad the club can support this great organization with your brews, and we look forward to doing so well into the future. We've structured this partnership to donate a small amount by the bag rather than just a lump sum when you sign-up. This should hopefully create a more lasting impact for the organization, and makes the partnership viable for us long-term as well!

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