Know someone heading back to school?
Give Them Coffee, the Worlds' Most Popular Study Aid

Chances are, you know someone heading back to school this season.
Help them get off to the best start by gifting them with regular deliveries of great coffee.

Moustache Coffee Club ships premium, fair-trade, single-origin coffee beans on the regular. The lucky student, teacher, or education administrator on the receiving end of your gift will enjoy beans lightly roasted on the very morning they are shipped out.

Our philosophy is that freshly roasted beans make all the difference, does roasting lightly to preserve the subtle flavors unique to each batch of single-origin beans. Whats more we want to make sure that everyone employed in the process of getting those beans from tree to grinder is paid fairly and for that reason we only deal in fair-trade coffee.

More detailed information on our coffee and philosophy can be found on our FAQ page.

Gifting a Moustache Coffee Club subscription couldn't be more simple.

Select a Plan and choose how long you want to share the love. Create a personalized message. Give us the email of the recipient and select a delivery date. That’s it!

You don't need to know the recipient's shipping address, we'll send them a nice email on the delivery date you specify along with the message. They'll then enter the best shipping address for them and we'll start their subscription!