Goroka Mile High | Papua New Guinea


Elevation: 1600m

Roaster Alana's Coffee Roasters

Region: Eastern highlands

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, roasted hazelnut with mild acidity and buttery finish.

It is estimated that a total of 210,000 acres are currently under coffee production in PNG- particularly in the 5 highland regions where this week's beans were cultivated. The eastern highlands account for about 37% of coffee production for the country. One of the current problems in PNG is...theft. Some farmers lose 50% of their crop due to coffee hi-jackers (and you thought you were serious about your morning brew). Aging coffee trees and farmers turning to more relevant cash crops is threatening PNG's unique beans. The coffee industry employs roughly 2.5 million people and with continued support through services like ours in working with roasters that source via direct trade means you are assisting in keeping this industry alive despite its modern challenges.