Sean Reilly: Founder

I'm from Kells in Ireland (we have a famous book!)

I've lived in : Dublin, London, Whistler, Lisbon & LA

I like it when it doesn't rain (having come from Ireland where it rains all of the time).

I play squash, brew beer, ski, play rugby, soccer, go camping, play poker and bridge.

I've worked in big companies and startups, written computer games and social networks. I've published papers, written a chapter in a book and lectured in university.

I do not bend. My fingers in particular are notoriously inflexible. I can't make the rocker sign or the stoke sign without cheating.

I make old man noises when I move, especially after playing sports or getting out of chairs.

Education: BA, Ph.D. Computer Science Trinity College Dublin


Megan Murray: Marketing

I'm 26.

I've only lived in Long Beach and Torrance.

I'm not a fan of cold weather, so living in Southern California suits me (and I have no plans to go anywhere else).

Prior to working for the Moustache Coffee Club I was a radio producer.

I was also a baseball announcer.

And a pizza delivery driver.

And I baked cookies with kids while we sang.

My boss smells good.


BA Communications/Media Studies

California State University, Dominguez Hills


Jay Steingold: Education

I'm from Seattle.

Yes, I like rain.

I was a barista

and a bicyle advocate

and an English teacher.

I also worked on a coffee farm in Kona.

I lived in Korea for two years.

Education: BA in English from the University of Washington