The New MCC Roastery

Moustache Coffee Club was founded in 2013 at Sean's kitchen table when we shipped fresh coffee from LA-based roasters to 8 people.

In the 7 years since then, we've expanded the club to sourcing and roasting the highest quality single-origin coffees available, highlighting the incredible diversity of flavor that specialty coffee exhibits throughout the seasons. We ship a new coffee every week, and every bag is still headed your way the day it was roasted - we're just very excited to say that our digs have gotten a bit bigger than Sean's kitchen table...


The heart and soul of our new coffee roastery is - of course - the coffee roaster itself! We're the proud owners of a brand new Loring S15 Falcon, which can roast batches of up to ~30 pounds of green coffee at a time.

The Falcon is an incredibly precise, high-tech coffee roaster which is part of what drew us to purchase one for the club. We're able to adjust our burner intensity by as little as 1%, and the digital interface and Cropster software integration makes tracking and replicating our roast profiles much more consistent - which leads to tastier cups of coffee.

We also appreciate that the Loring is an incredibly efficient machine - using up to 80% less natural gas than conventional drum roasters. This allows us to roast more coffee with less fuel, and lessen the club's overall impact on the environment. A happier planet means happier coffee plants!

The Roasting Process



Our green coffee arrives on pallets and is stored on-site. When we're ready to do production, we break out the pallet we need, and weigh out our batches of green just before they roast.

The green coffee is loaded into the roaster's hopper via a vacuum tube. Then we charge the coffee and monitor the roast's progress to ensure each batch is roasted to perfection.


After the coffee has roasted for the appropriate amount of time and has developed the right flavors, it is automatically dropped into the cooling tray. This is when we take samples of each batch - so that we can be sure every bean is living up to its full potential.


Speaking of samples - we've also set up a cupping station in the new space where we can QC our batches and cup prospective samples of new coffees for the club. A Mahlkonig grinder ensures even grind size and lets us taste all the flavors in every cup.


A coffee roastery wouldn't be complete without somewhere to enjoy a great cup of coffee! We've turned the loft above our cupping station into a coffee nook - complete with a wall made out of the Loring crate where we can collect the cards from all the coffees we've shipped over the years. (Can't wait to add another with each week that passes!)


Another great thing about the new space is our integration with USPS. We're very close to the local mail processing and distribution facility, and we have scheduled pick-ups on roast days that go direct to the processing center. Our coffee goes from green-in-storage to roasted-and-shipped in about 10 hours - can't get much fresher than that!


We still have some decorating and arranging to do as we settle into the new space, but we wanted to give you a "first look" at what the space is now that the roaster's on. Having our own space and our own roaster opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the club - we're just getting started and we couldn't be more excited to have you along with us.