5 Things To Do With Coffee

You may be finding yourself spending a lot of time at home in the next few weeks, so we figured it would be a good time to put together a list of a few different things you can do with coffee that you might not have tried. These can be a fun way to break up the monotony and try something new with your favorite beverage.


1. Brew Like A Pro

There are plenty of tutorials online from current and past winners of national and international coffee competitions that will show you how to recreate their recipes. Every coffee is different so we’re not saying you’ll have an earth-shattering brew with each of these recipes, but it can be a good way to switch up your daily brew and try some new techniques. If you’re an Aeropress brewer - we’ve put together a list of recipes from championship winners years past. If you’re a V60 brewer, Sprudge put together a great list from the Brewer’s Championship in 2017 to check out. For the brave of heart with an espresso machine, you could even try following along with a 2019 World Coffee Championships routine.


2. Mix It Up

We’re all used to drinking coffee black or with a little cream and sugar - but it also makes a great base for all sorts of delicious drinks. You can keep it simple with an at-home iced latte, or explore some of the more in-depth coffee-based beverages out there. A few personal favorites include the sweet and spiced Cafe de Olla from Mexico and the cardamom coffee that’s popular in the middle east. (We wouldn’t recommend running cardamom through your daily grinder, though). For the 21+ folks, there’s a whole host of alcoholic additions to coffee that can be delicious, including Irish Coffee and the Cafe Amore. Remember to use high quality ingredients, and always enjoy responsibly!


3. Brew It Cold

Spring has arrived in many parts of the country, which means it’s the perfect time to start working on your cooler brews ahead of the hot summer months! There are tons of ways to enjoy cold coffee - the two most popular are making a cold brew concentrate or doing a quick batch of iced coffee. If you’re looking for an engineering challenge, you could try and rig up a cold-dripper in your kitchen. If you end up creating anything that works well for dripping - you’ll enjoy some great cold brew and probably a lot of internet points. (Tag us if you give it a go!)


4. Cook with Coffee

If you’re really trying to change things up - you could try working coffee onto your plate, not just into your mug. There are plenty of culinary applications for coffee - including dry rubs for the meat eaters and coffee-infused cookies to satiate your sweet tooth. You can even toss some coffee into a black bean dip if you’re really looking to jump into unique territory. Or better yet - experiment with your own creations, and let us know if you stumble upon anything delicious.


5. Do A Blind Taste Test

If you fancy yourself to be able to tell the difference between washed and natural coffees, floral African beans and chocolatey South American beans - put your skills to the test with a blind cupping. Grab a few different MCC beans, get some cups and spoons, and give it a go! Coffee YouTuber James Hoffman does a good walkthrough on how to cup which is a great starting point. Have a family member measure out the coffee so you don’t know which is which - or play a little shell game with yourself to make sure you’re in the dark before tasting.

Have more ideas? Let us know - tag us on Instagram or send us an email. We'd love to hear about it!