If You're Looking to Impress, Give Our Coffee Subscription!

Giving Coffee Increases Productivity!*

*claim not verified by actual science.

When you give the gift of fine, curated coffee, you'll come to mind each time our excellent coffee arrives in office. Moustache Coffee Club only ships the best, lightly roasted, fair trade, single origin coffee beans.

Remember, serious people give serious coffee.

We curate our subscription and take that duty very seriously. Our reputation lives and dies by the quality of the coffee we ship so you can be sure that your boss, client, or coworker, will only receive the finest beans.

Beans so fine and fresh, you can taste it!

Moustache Coffee Club ships our hand selected beans on the very day they are roasted. Coffee beans aren't meant to be comsumed until a few days after roasting, so our bags feature a "Start Drinking On" date.

More detailed information on our coffee and philosophy can be found on our FAQ page.

Gifting a subscription is simple and easy.

Select a Plan and choose how long you want to share the love. Create a personalized message. Give us the email of the recipient and select a delivery date. That’s it!

You don't need to know their shipping address, we'll send them a nice email on the delivery date you specify along with the message. They'll then enter the best shipping address for them and we'll start their subscription!

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