How to adjust your pour over for the perfect cup of coffee


Here at Moustache Coffee Club we'd like you to get the most out of your beans so here is a graphic for your brewing pleasure.

The first thing to remember is to change your coffee gradually and to try and stay within your variable's range because each one can only change your flavor so much. For instance, increasing the temperature will reduce acidity, but if you go much above 205F, the resulting brew will be terribly bitter.

Also, like any good scientist conducting an experiment, I'd advise you to change only one variable at a time so you know how it affects your coffee. If your coffee is too acidic, don't go changing temperature, grind and dose all at once. Each variable changes your coffee at a slightly different rate depending on the type of bean.

Note: If you are using a non-steeping brewing method such as a Chemex, Kalita Wave or Hario v60 your time will depend on the size of your grind so don't worry about how to change your time.

Good luck on your coffee journey and keep trying for the perfect cup!

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