Some of the Amazing Coffees We Have Sent to Our Members

At the Moustache Coffee Club we hunt down the finest single-origin, in-season, premium quality coffee beans. Here are some of the fine coffees we've sent to our members previously, and we're excited to continue adding our own roasts to the line-up. Click on a coffee to get more information!

The Finest Coffee

At the Moustache Coffee Club we are serious about two things, moustaches and coffee. We can't send moustaches in the mail though so we must spread our love of coffee!

What's the best thing about working at the Moustache Coffee Club? The in-house moustache waxing? The ukele playing house band? No. It's that, like a bad drug dealer, we get high on our own supply! Every coffee that we ship is tasted and sampled before it gets sent out. That means a hella lot of premium coffee drinking for us. It's actually part of the job description and we don't take it lightly (only light roasted).

Every coffee that leaves Moustache HQ is carefully selected. After hours of cupping all the samples we can get our hands on, we choose only the best beans and have them roasted to perfection with special attention to their unique origins and flavors. We live and die by the quality of the coffee we ship, so we are meticulous about always selecting the freshest in-season coffee in order to ensure the best possible product. We are so confident in our coffee we offer a 200% money back gurantee, but don't worry you'll never have to use it.